group fitness training
group workout classes
group fitness workout
fitness training classes

FIT Ephrata Group Fitness Gym Classes & Training Program

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FIT Ephrata offers Group Fitness classes and programming in Ephrata, Washington

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FIT Ephrata is a community of athletes, moms, dads, kids, and everyone in between, with one common goal – maximum health and fitness. From weight loss to strength and conditioning, we provide training programs to help everyone achieve their personal fitness goals. Come checkout out our community today!

We are a proud affiliate of the FIT Gyms workout program, which gives our members the best access to high intensity, circuit based group workouts.  It’s not boot camp, it is the hardest workout you’ve never done!

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Our F.I.T. classes are designed to help you burn fat and build muscle in a proven and healthy way.

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There's nothing more important than your health - so join F.I.T. now and start feeling better today!

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Start seeing results in weeks, not months. F.I.T. is a highly effective fitness program for anyone!

See what members are saying about FIT...

"Got talked into joining a high intensity gym by a friend after seeing my failure at 24 Hour Fitness. I just couldn’t find the motivation to work out, and thusly, mysteriously, couldn’t find the time. But since I have joined FIT Ephrata, I’ve lost 45 pounds, gained some great friends, and most importantly, can on average lift more than my body weight repeatedly…WITHOUT pain. That’s pretty much the definition of success. I love this gym, and am looking forward to the next year."

- Ian S.

"When I found FIT, I couldn’t imagine it being much different than all the other things I had done (3 different heavy lifting gyms, personal training, Orange Theory, pilates, hot yoga, spinning). But, I could not have been more wrong! This is the BEST workout I have ever done! I have been a member for almost a year and I don’t think I have done the same workout twice. I am really attracted to culture, community and integrity and FIT Ephrata has it all! In addition, I achieved results I had not achieved anywhere else! If you want an incredible workout, a great community of people to train with and the best coaches that continually push you, you will love FIT, just like I do!"

- Tammy B.

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